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Copy editing a standard text 4 to 7 pageshour Proofreading a difficult text 4 to 6 pageshour Proofreading a standard text 6 to 9 pageshour. Like any self-employed service provider, a freelance editor charges hourly rates that reflect the cost of operating a business. An experienced freelance editor will, typically, bill. Feb 24, 2017. I wish I could tell you that proofreading will always cost one cent per word, copyediting two cents per word, and developmental editing three cents per word, but the truth is much hazier than that. While I will provide hard numbers, you should first know certain essentials about hiring an editor. This information. Nov 26, 2015. With my first editing company, Paper Perfect Editing, I assumed most indie authors were price-conscious and needed the best possible editing service at the lowest possible price. So we do one round of editing that includes copyediting, proofreading and tons of comments on big picture stuff like plotting,.

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