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Dec 19, 2017. In fact, you may be able to do it for free. Your home is filled with useful items that can be recycled and reused to keep you organized. Do you use toilet paper or eat cereal? Is there an empty soda box in your kitchen? What you may think of as trash can be given a new life as storage for common items around. Air Fresheners Candles Wax Melts Solid Liquid Fresheners View All Cleaners All Purpose Cleaners Bathroom Cleaners View All Cleaning Tools Brooms Mops Gloves View All Dishwashing Dish Soap Dishwasher Liquid View All Laundry Bleach Dryer Sheets View All Paper Plastic Products.

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The IKEA Kallax shelving (formerly Expedit) is an up-and-coming option for craft room storage. Weve designed a Paper Holder that will perfectly fit inside of the IKEA shelving openings like a hand in a glove! Youll have the flexibility to store your paper vertically or horizontally. The Paper Holder will provide 12 slots that.

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