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Jan 4, 2015. Assignment Group rules determine how Canvas handles any exceptions you want to create for grade calculations. Assignment groups can be weighted or unweighted. When using the lowest or highest score rule, Canvas considers how the rule most negatively or positively affects the students overall score. With the MMS, you can monitor individual student and class development and update grades, attendance, discipline and more instantly from any computer or smart device. Complete student. category might be helpful if you have a category of assignments which you do not want to affect the students grade in the class. May 27, 2016. Web Version. 6. Gradebook Reports. Gradebook Assignments By Student. Email Assignments. Gradebook Missing Assignments. Email Assignments. The teacher can then enter scores received by the student for these assignments. The program will calculate the percentage of the maximum score that the. Now divide what each assignment is worth by the total number of points possible and that will be the percentage that assignment is worth for the class. Paper 1 30 points 250 points 0.12 or 12. Paper 2 30 points 250 points 0.12 or 12. Midterm 50 points 250 points 0.20 or 20. Presentation 40 points 250.

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Students must use the Grade Portal to determine missed assignments Assignments marked L or Late with a red-triangle were not available during class. Assignments marked M or Missing with a yellow-square are from an absence.

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