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Jun 29, 2011 hey all. If I were to get a flemish.. which we just know I will.. LOL and I do admit I want one to be a biggy. I just want a biggy. Apr 29, 2014. I meet a lot of bunnies and their families through my rabbit grooming business and it has become painfully obvious that there are a lot of pet rabbits whom. I can find plenty of forums online that say they are best in temps between 11 degrees C and 26 degrees, but I want to give her the best possible temp,. Jul 30, 2017. Domestic rabbit milk is 12 to 13 fat and 10 to 12 protein. To put this in perspective, domestic rabbit milk is twice as dense with fats and three times as dense in protein than cows milk. Rabbit growth can also be dependent on breed. Flemish Giant rabbits are usually born about 3-4 oz, and by 8-9 weeks.

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