Pecking Order Theory Literature Review

May 24, 2017. that the Pecking Order Theory holds rather well when looking at a two-day event window from issuance announcements of debt and equity. The Traditional Trade-off Theory also holds, but only under the fairly rough assumption that specific firms have very different capital structure value adding-optima. Oct 16, 2012. Pecking Order Theory and the Static Trade-off Theory will be tested on a panel data set collected over the period. 2002-2010 for 210 firms in the Belgian market.. literature review showed how little attention had been paid to family firms in terms of financial behaviour. Furthermore, the main researches. Chapter 2. Literature review. In this chapter the available theories of capital structure are discussed. The first theory is the trade-off theory in 2.1 then 2.2 agency theory, 2.3 pecking order theory,. 2.4 Incentive theory, 2.5 market timing theory and last 2.6 free cash flow theory. 2.1 Trade-off theory. The trade-off theory is derived. the basis of our review and regarding country-specific and firm-specific factors determining leverage of firms operating in Poland. Conclusions summarize the most important points. L. Two dominant capital structure theories are widely recognized in the corporate finance literature trade- off theory and pecking order theory.

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