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Another option for cash-paying customers Now accepting cash to replenish your E-ZPass at these participating locations Its as easy as 1-2-3 Stop at a participating retailer and purchase the packaged transponder for 46. Your pre-paid toll balance is 25 and available immediately. Mount the transponder in your vehicle. Visit the E-ZPass Maryland website and register your transponder within seven days of its first use.

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Analysis: Where should you buy an E-Z Pass?

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Want to see the items in your cart in person? Enter your information below and when you arrive at our store, tell them you have an Easy Pass. Youll be taken right to your furniture - and when you like it, buying is easy! Get your E-ZPass starter kit for select states from AAA!. Auto Buying Find Your Next Vehicle. JL Safety EZ Flex-Port Toll Pass Holder for E-ZPass Flex

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