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Nov 9, 2017. The offshore magic circle, a term given to the top firms based in the Caribbean and the Channel Islands that specialise in helping clients move money to low-tax countries, include Ogier, Mourant Ozannes, Walkers, and Maples and Calder, as well as Appleby. There will be some concern the heavens will. Leaked financial documents link dozens of current and former government officials and their close connections to offshore accounts. Title. Issue. Full text accesses. 1. Real-world effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation A cross-sectional population study. Sep-14, 9,740. 2. Alcohol consumption as a cause of cancer. Feb-17, 9,259. 3, Time for a change Putting the Transtheoretical (Stages of Change) Model to rest, Aug-05, 6,741.

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Jul 31, 2017. Calculating the number of journal papers that reach the top-cited 1 is more informative than the Impact Factor (IF), argue the editors of Nature Biomedical Engineering in an editorial, Challenge the impact factor, which was published on 11 July 2017. Their alternative to the Impact Factor is a new index. TOP rolling papers are distributed by Republic Tobacco Company in Illinois. These fine, gummed cigarette papers are manufactured and imported in to the United States from.

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