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Jun 10, 2015. Worklist place the assignment into the worklist of the operator identified by the router Workbasket place the assignment in a workbasket determined by the router. For more information on Dependency, External, and Agent assignment types, see Flow form - Editing Assignment shape properties. Apr 5, 2016. SUMMARYOn configuring an AssignmentService shape in a flow with SLA defined on it.And by clicking it From external Service from the OtherActions, system throws error. Requests in Pega? User or External System connect to PRPC by using one for the following(4). Notify used to send notification message about assignment by Assigning Activity (Notify Type) in Notification section of properties of Assignment Shape. Jul 22, 2012. Assignment Shape - A PRPDC shape that represents a pause or potential pause in a flow. Signifies that person or. Service - A programmatic component that defines and implements an interface betewen an external application, acting as a client, and a PRPC system, acting as a server. Implemented.

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Dec 11, 2016. The flow operates on the work item to advance it through the business process that the flow implements, performing automated steps automatically, or creating assignments for users as appropriate. You can think of a work item as located on one shape or arrow of the flow at any one instant, until the work. How to configure flows in Pega,. can be configured in assignment shapes,. services This is mainly used to invoke this flow from any Pega service rule. Which all shapes can be used to send an email notification(Choose 2) a.Utility b.Notification tab of Assignment shape. Ans a,b 42.In a data transform we need to copy city from the shipping address to Billing address.What would be the value of the source. options a. BILLINGAddress.City c. shipping d..

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