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There are so many things that can be done with toilet paper roles (or paper towel rolls cut down). It is very cheap and easy to make these firework prints.. Monterrey Bay. May 10, 2017. Its the most affordable paper towel on the tally with a price tag of 1.47. And while were on the topic of store brands, some of the other guys didnt fare as well as Walmart and Costco. Home Depots HDX brand and the CVS brand Just The Basics were both dead last in the Consumer Reports tally. Results 1 - 60 of 271. Great paper towels very cheap. 5 Stars. After reading some of the reviews on here and Amazon I was a little scared to buy them but when they came I was totally shocked its the same quality as bounty except you get a few more sheets and you get double the rolls for a few bucks more. Super fast. Topping the list of the cheapest rentals in Australia is Queenstown, a small town on the west coast of Tasmania. Home to under 2,000 people.

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