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They both require the development of core skills in fluency, reading, writing and listening, the application of linguistic principles and, of course, plenty of hard work.. By studying Business English you can improve your overall English language ability while targeting areas that will help you achieve your goals at work. Jun 28, 2009. learning lab writing skills This site offers over 20.pdf-documents with main rules and common mistakes related to summarising, paraphrasing, referencing, sentences, paragraphs, linking words and business writing. Handy. Using English provides a large collection of English as a.

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Business English When arranging to come to the UK or to travel, write business letters (or e-mails) in English. If you take part in a language exchange, you agree to help an English-speaker (your language partner) to learn your own language, and in exchange. This book includes practical materials of Business English initially designed for students of the Institute of. Business English will help students to activate and extend your knowledge of English and gain the necessary. Each unit has a separate section on Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and. Vocabulary, but the. Using extracts from BBC World Service Learning English programmes, this booklet will help you to write business emails. write business reports. write minutes of meetings. write letters of complaint. send text messages to business contacts. improve your presentation skills. improve your negotiating skills. communicate.

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