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Online Math Courses. The College of Alameda offers the following online math courses Math 201 Elementary Algebra. Math 203 Intermediate Algebra. Math 13 Introduction to Statistics. All of these online courses are offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall terms. Each course begins on the first day of instruction, and lasts. Math science courses online algebra, calculus, statistics, business math. Learn at homeoffice. College. High school. Accredited.

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Course Description for Math 1314 This course is the study of fundamental concepts of algebra, equations and inequalities, matrices. Computer Problems Each student enrolled in any online class has signed an Agreement of Understanding with The Victoria College. Course Description The course covers Chapters 2 6, and Chapter 8 in the Blitzer College Algebra book. Some sections have been omitted. All graded work for this course will be done online using My Math Lab.

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