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Feb 19, 2017. Keeping track of things like assignments, due dates, and tests used to be a tedious task that required the use of a physical planner to truly stay on top of. You can view your upcoming tasks and classes with month and week views, as well as detailed daily views with building numbers, times, and more. To stay on top of your assignments it is a good idea to log all of your work details into a planner or calendar. Maintaining a. You can use a paper planner (sometimes given out for free at schools), the calendar function on your phone, or even a downloadable app. The point is to get a. Pay attention in class. Take a seat at. by. Teaching in Room 6. The ORIGINAL Paragraph of the Week program on TpT! This daily, scaffolded approach to paragraph writing is perfect to help get your students writing good, solid, detailed paragraphs. Students will write one weekly paragraph, focusing on the organization and format of the paragraph itself. There a. You can also use What If? mode to find out what you need in order to keep an A in a class! See your classes and homework from the Windows 10 Calendar app thanks to calendar integration! Google Calendar integration also lets you see your classes and homework from Google Calendar! The paid version unlocks the.

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