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Is one-on-one book coaching Fast and easy? Almost never. Is it painless? Not even close. Arent there cheaper ways to write a book? There certainly are. Can I guarantee a bestseller, critical praise, and a pile of money? Not a chance. But will you end up bursting with pride, full of satisfaction, and with a book readers are. Sometimes I review websites, and sometimes I coach people on writing skills. Do you wish to start, continue, or complete a book project? I offer private writing coaching to writers of all levels and love sharing the powerful techniques Ive learned along the way. If youre looking for a book coach to help you get your book written or completed, or a ghostwriter to write your book for you, here you will find a list of professional book coaches and ghostwriters--brought to you by Authority Publishing. Carlos lectures throughout California and is a sought after script doctor, writing coach and story consultant.. His work, including fiction, memoir, essays, interviews and book reviews, has appeared in Hunger Mountain, A Year in Ink, upstreet, New Plains Review, Descant (Canada) and Numro Cinq. He lives in San Diego.

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